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Group Members

The Advisers’ Sustainability Group includes:

  • Daniel Godfrey, Chair
  • Julia Dreblow, Vice-Chair, Director, SRI Services
  • Maja Erceg, Secretariat, PIMFA
  • Danby Bloch, Head of Editorial Strategy, Platforum
  • Amy Clarke, Co-founder and Chief Impact Officer, Tribe Impact Capital
  • Lee Coates, Director, ESG Accord
  • Seb Elwell, Director, Switchfoot Wealth Sophie Kennedy, Joint CEO, EQ Investors
  • Paris Jordan, Head of Responsible Investing, Charles Stanley
  • Rebecca Kowalski, Director, Overstory Finance
  • Dr Robin Keyte, Director, Keyte Chartered Financial Planners
  • Don MacIntyre, CEO, Personal Finance Society
  • Andrew McMillan, Co-Founder and CEO, Nova Wealth Management
  • Adam Owen, Director and Head of Content, NextGen Planners
  • Dan Russell, Managing Director, Fintel
  • Gemma Woodward, Head of Responsible Investment, Quilter Cheviot
  • Sophie Kennedy,  Joint Chief Executive, EQ Investors 

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